Jaroslav Kučera was the husband of dir

Cinematographer’s Journal by Aid Kid

LP by Aid Kid

Jaroslav Kučera was the husband of director Věra Chytilová and one of the most original cameramen of the Czechoslovak New Wave. Footage that he captured in his free time for private purposes served a few decades later as the basis for the creation of a fragile, intimate portrait which dispenses with words. In it, the master of the image freely sketches the innermost space of his family. Thanks to the director’s sensitive selection, we observe scenes of spontaneous posing before the lens and moments of repose, compellingly woven together with a soundtrack by producer Aid Kid.

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released November 10, 2019

Music by Aid Kid
and guests:

Veronika Linhartová – violin (01, 04, 13, 17, 19)
Jiří Libánský – piano (05, 11, 15)
Matěj Vejdělek – clarinet (05, 11, 16)
Vendula Příhodová – vocals (06, 08, 16)
Jakub Švejnar – drums (14)
Adam Albrecht – arranges (19)
Pavel Hrala – violin (19)
Ilia Chernoklinov – viola (19)
Josef Josef – violoncello (19)

Graphic desing: Andrea Vacovská
Master: Martin Havlen (Resound studio)
Mix: Tomáš Havlen
Piano recorded: Adam Koller, studio Meet Factory
Strings recorded: Resound studio
Drums recorded: Vojtěch Jelínek

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